Me Too

me too.jpg


HEAD– CaTwa – Cindy Mesh Head — CaTwa

BODY– Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body— Maitreya

SKIN-.::Egozy-Shenty(Fair) Catwa – Egozy

EYES– IKON – Sovereign Eyes Armor- IKON

EARS – UNISEX [Mandala] Steking Ears Seasons 5- MANDALA

HAIR– +Spellbound+ Freak// Chapter I Earth- Spellbound


BODY SUIT – Beautiful Dirty Rich – Clubbin’ Black – Beautiful Dirty Rich

JACKET– SPIRIT- Liko Jacket Black – SPIRIT

SHOES– *CK* Hot Dream Boots v2- (Mesh Body Sizes Included) – *CK*


FORE-WHEELER– North Side Customs- Raptor Quad – North Side Customs


COLLAR– **RE** RealEvil- Bad Kitty Collar- RealEvil

BRACELETS – ** RE** RealEvil- LUX Sascha – RealEvil

RINGS– *RE* RealEvil- Dragon Claws- SLINK Casual – RealEvil


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