So High

so high 2.jpgSo high 1


HEAD– CaTwa – Cindy Mesh Head – CaTwa

BODY– Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body- Maitreya

SKIN-.::Egozy-foxy(tan) Catwa – Egozy

EYES– IKON – Triumph Eyes armor- IKON

EARS – UNISEX [Mandala] Steking Ears Seasons 5- [Mandala]

HAIR– Little Bones- grims -the dark- Little Bones


SHIRT– FNH-Off shoulder blouse skull black- *FNH*

SHORTS– BlueBerry Elina Shorts- black – BlueBerry

SHOES– R.icielli- Roxanne black- R.iceilli


RINGS– *RE* RealEvil- Dark Queen- SLink Casual- *RE*

NECKLACE– *RE* RealEvil- Rebel Zodiac Choker – *RE*

JOINT– [NikotiN] Classic Joint- Nextgen- [NikotiN]


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