urban royals.jpg


HEAD– CaTwa – Cindy Mesh Head – CaTwa

BODY– Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body- Maitreya

SKIN-.::Egozy-Zeya(tan) Catwa – (Marketplace Only)Egozy

EYES– IKON – Spectral Eyes Armor-IKON

EARS – UNISEX [Mandala] Stretched Ears omimi- Mandala

HAIR– Little bones- Viola- The Blend- Little bones


JUMPERNEW!!_Candy Doll_ Sugar Jumper( Fameshed) –Fameshed

SHOES– _Candy Doll Linda_ white- Candy Doll

ACESSORY– Bike- Urban Royalty- Zr1 Super v2. Renegade Syndacate


RINGS– *RE* RealEvil-Precious Nails and rings – *RE*

BRACELETS– *RE* RealEvil- Moon Fight – *RE*

NECKLACE– RYCA- Gem-TAD/ Global Set Platinum- RYCA


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