Summer Time Sweetheart

Summer Time Sweetheart.jpg


HEAD– CaTwa – Cindy Mesh Head – CaTwa

BODY– SLink – Hourglass Mesh Body- SLink

SKIN– Egozy- Driana Canelle (Catwa)-( MP ONLY) Egozy

EYES– IKON – Spectral Eyes Oxidation-IKON

EARS – UNISEX [Mandala] Streaking ears seaons 5- [MANDALA]

HAIR– Magika- Summer- Magika


OUTFITS– !Bougie!- Remedy High Waisted – (Phat event)- [P.H.A.T]

SHOES– [MODA]- Desire Corset pumps- (Phat Event)-[P.H.A.T]


KEY– [Ai] Clockwork Heart Doll key- (MP ONLY)- [Ai]

RINGS-*RE* RealEvil- Dark Queen SLINK Casual- *RE*

                               NOSE RING– PUNCH- DIamond clicker sale pack- PUNCH

PIERCINGS– Punch- Basic lip piercings I- PUNCH


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