Sponsored Item- Prestige Beemer i8 v1

2 Passenger (driver + passenger), Unlimited Color Change Options, Customized Car Sounds
Damper/Bumper (helps keeps out out of walls), Fuel System, High Visibility Speedometer Hud ,Latest ACS car scripts,Low to No Lag ,Lifetime Bug Updates (if any)
Copy, No Mod, No Trans.

My personal option: My opinion of this car is that it is absolutely gorgeous , the colors are unlimited and the graphical design is very well done. Prestige seems to always have consistency which in the car world of secondlife is very important, I recommend this car for 2 reasons, 1. the creator is a very nice person willing to help with any issues you may have, which i did not have any. and the 2nd is because its really gorgeous. The features of this car bring it to life! land mark to grab yours is posted below!

Landmark: http: Prestige Imports


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