My Samurai

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Sponsored Items: *Epic* Over the pastel rainbow collar

*Epic* Over the pastel rainbow collar
*Epic* Suede Charmed heart princess heels
*Epic* Sweet Butterfly Bell wings
*Epic* Sheer Skeleton Bodysuit

Details: Shoes- comes in sizes for Belleza High, Maitreya High, Slink high, and TMP ouch, Buy Separately, each contains 2 huds for silver or gold accents, included in hud are 18 colors
Wings: Single packs comes with wings, static and animated, cute pixie dust and a bell sound.
Collar: comes with Script free sparkles, 3 different shaping of the ring which includes Heart, kitty or moon. also includes gold or silver option.

Personal Opinion: Okay, now we all know I am a kawaii obsessed female haha, I was so happy and excited that Jade the creator of Epic in secondlife chose me to blog for her that I may have gone a bit on the crazy side with this blog. Every detail and every motion of each item is absolutely perfect, they are all modified so you can choose to have full bright on the items or turn it off, though I love the full bright on the wings it makes them very cute, as well as the shoes and collar, Epic has been around in Sl for a long time and she puts her heart in every single item she creates, I love the store and every single item I am wearing, if I were you id go splurge, not only are they amazing quality, but they are amazingly affordable.


Head: Lelutka Chloe – Lelutka Mainstore

Body: Maitreya Lara –Maitreya Mainstore

Eyes: AZ reel Eyes- AZ Designs Mainstore

Skin: Glam Affair Barbara- ( Powderpack June lelutka edition)- Glam Affair Mainstore

Hair: Lamb- Ask hair: @The Arcade June 2017- The Arcade


Body Suit:*Epic*- Sheer Skeleton bodysuit-Epic Mainstore

Shoes: *Epic* Suede Charmed heart princess heels-Epic Mainstore


Choker:*Epic* Over the pastel rainbow collar- Epic Mainstore

Wings:*Epic* Sweet Butterfly Bell wings-Epic Mainstore

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