Using You

Epic 6.jpg

Sponsored Items: *Epic* Succubus star drippy wings
LEPUNK Spetum ring V1

Details: Epic is having a mega sale on all of her wings, grab them while you can! wings i am wearing are part fo this sale, Wings do have resize scripts and on and off for full bright as well as particle effects.

Personal Opinion: I love and adore these wings, their so cute, and bright. The detailing of the drips and color is absolutely perfect. there is no glitching, and the resize option is great. I kept the bright on but you can turn it off b y clicking the wings. hope you all enjoy and go grab some!


Head: Lelutka chloe – Lelutka Mainstore

Body: Maitreya lara –Maitreya Mainstore

Eyes: AZ reel Eyes- AZ Designs Mainstore

Skin: Glam affair Kendall @c88 june 2017- C88

Hair: Little Bones – Twyla –Little Bones Mainstore


Rings: *RE* RealEvil Luxy Rings set 1- *RE* Mainstore

Collar: EMPIRE – Calendula ( gatcha item, no rlv) –Empire mainstore

Eye Flower: Deception FLower blush +Egosumaii- Aii mainstore

Nose Ring: LEPUNK Septum ring- LEPUNK Mainstore


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