Your Hoodie

Your Hoodie.jpg

Sponsored item : 8 bit Heart Platform skates and sneakers

Details : Comes with 2 versions 1 skates and 1 sneakers, hearts on both sides are animated , also comes with sparkle trail or without, resizer scripts and full bright on and off options.

Opinion: My new favorite skates! I love these, their so cute and fun. The sneakers and skates both have the cute trail of hearts on them when i walk , i enjoy these a lot. their so kawaii i could just die!

Outfit : My outfit is put together to enhance the shoes, to show off the colors and make them pop! below are the links and names to the stores.

* Vale Kore- Crophoodie Black – Vale Kore Mainstore

* EC Romy boxers – EC Mainstore

*Wasabi Hair Solar Windblow Gatcha Item- Wasabi Mainstore

* Vinyl Neo Meddy Mask- Vinyl Mainstore

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