Review Policys


HI! and thank you for your interest in my blog!

Here are some guidelines i would like for you to follow if you choose me to blog for your shop in secondlife

-Give up to 3 days for post , i have things i cant put off in my real life just like you and im sure you can understand ^_^

-I will only blog things that I like and that fit into my personality and style on secondlife

items from your shop will be welcomed, and if I don’t blog them it doesn’t mean i dont like them i just didn’t have the time sadly :/

-Be patient, when i blog your items i will send you the link as soon as possible.

-Im a shy person so if i answer with only a few words don’t get offended it’s not you i sware! lol. if you rather drop a note card in my IMS feel free too!

-Groups- we all know secondlife limits groups if i cant join your group but you would still like me to blog for you or your event, just drop them in my box :D.

My avatars

Though many people have multiple avatars, i only use my main avatar, which is PosionMagnifico aka Suri. For now please remember im an adult female 🙂 and will only blog female clothing.

Blog Item limits

I will blog basically anything from shoes, clothes, accessories, decor, animations( with video if its dances or AO’s) ect.

Thank you!

I would like to thank you in advanced for choosing my blog, as well as anyone who reads it Thank you soooo much! it means so much to me and im so happy you enjoy it. ❤